Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Windmill Villa

The Windmill Villa | beach house

3D model free download

Before seeing the model, you should listen to this, to get in the mood: music

I like Greek islands ... and I like the houses and the ambient!

So, I created a villa having the architecture of one of the iconic features of some of the Greek islands (Cycladic archipelago) - the windmill - and a beach, a pontoon, a boat, a few sunbeds&umbrellas, and a Water Sports Center, to ensure a variety of fun activities, events and sporting competitions, with a specially designed inflated equipment - SKP Tower.
I also propose a trip in a hot air balloon, a great opportunity to admire from above the entire place. ;)

Of course, the colorful bougainvillea, the yellow spanish broom with its aromas and green supple cypresses, are also present in this landscape.
And for cooling down at the infinity pool, some pieces of watermelon, a lemonade and some freshly picked oranges, right from the garden. :)

Yiamas! (Cheers!)


You should follow the Scenes for the story.


- all 2D/3D models designed for use on less powerful computers;
- all 2D/3D elements in the 3D model are mid&low-poly, and each of them is in the appropriate layers;
- faces and edges of the models that are not visible at all have been removed to reduce the size of the file;
- the elements are put in layers so you can hide everything that is not seen in a particular scene;
- the 2D/3D models inside the file provide the opportunity to create scenes of the seashore, beach games, and many other.
- interior villa partitioned and furnished.

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